6 Habits That Will Increase the Intensity of Your Day

6 Habits That Will Increase the Intensity of Your Day

Do you want to get more done each day and feel a greater sense of accomplishment and productivity? The intensity and fruitfulness of your days are within your control. By implementing certain rituals and routines, you can set yourself up for a whirlwind of achievement. Waking early, planning, dedicating focus hours, taking breaks, listening to music, and reflecting each evening are small habits that pay huge dividends. With more energy, clarity, and motivation, your days will take on a satisfying intensity. You’ll get your most important work done, feel more engaged, and continually progress daily. Read on to learn six habits that will increase daily productivity, help you focus, and result in more rewarding, fruitful days. By optimizing how you spend your time and care for your mental resources, you have the power to get more rewarding work done every single day.

1. Wake Up Early and Start with Exercise

Waking up early gives you time for exercise, which can energize you and set a productive tone for your whole day. Aim to wake up 30-60 minutes earlier than usual so you have time for at least 20-30 minutes of exercise. Get your blood pumping with a brisk walk, jog, yoga flow, or home strength training. Early morning exercise helps boost focus and productivity.

2. Plan Your Day the Night Before

Take 5-10 minutes the evening before to map out your goals and to-do list for the next day. Identify your 2-3 most important tasks and block time on your calendar to tackle them. Planning allows you to hit the ground running instead of wasting time deciding what to do next. Having clarity around your priorities prevents you from getting distracted by less important tasks.

3. Set Aside Time for Deep Focus Work

Determine your peak productivity hours and protect that time for deep-focus work. Turn off notifications, silence your phone, and close distracting apps on your computer. Uninterrupted 1-2 hour blocks of time for your priority projects results in faster progress and your best creative thinking. Schedule focus time on your calendar and communicate to others that you are unavailable during those times.

4. Take Short Breaks to Recharge

Balance periods of intense focus with 5-10 minute breaks every 60-90 minutes. Step away from your computer, move around, get a snack, or make a quick phone call. Recharging briefly helps boost energy and productivity for the next block of deep work. Set a timer so your breaks don’t take up too much time.

5. Listen to Uplifting Music While You Work

Create playlists of instrumental, lyric-free music to play softly in the background while you work. The right kind of upbeat, energizing music can help you stay focused and motivated. Stay away from songs with lyrics that are more distracting. Favor uptempo, electronic, or classical music to keep your mind engaged.

6. Review Your Progress and Plan for Tomorrow Before Bed

Take 10 minutes before bed to review your progress and make a plan for the next day. Celebrate your accomplishments to end the day on a positive note. Jot down any unfinished tasks and schedule them into your plan for tomorrow. You are mentally preparing for the next day, waking up focused and ready for success.

Case Study

James felt frustrated because he wasn’t getting as much done each day as he wanted. He felt like he was always racing against the clock to check tasks off his daily to-do list but still ended each day with unfinished business. James knew he needed to make some changes to get more rewarding work done consistently.

He started by setting his alarm 30 minutes earlier so he could go for a quick jog first thing in the morning. Exercising early gave James an energy boost and helped him feel focused and motivated to start his workday strong. The night before, James would review his priorities for the next day and schedule blocks of time to tackle critical projects. For example, from 9–11 a.m., James would turn off Slack notifications and burrow down on an analytics presentation he needed to complete.

Taking occasional 5-minute breaks to stretch and grab some water helped James recharge between intense periods of focus. He created playlists of fast-tempo, lyric-free music to listen to while powering through tasks requiring heavy concentration. At the end of each day, James would celebrate his completed assignments and jot down any remaining tasks to add to the next day’s schedule.

Within two weeks, James noticed a significant difference in his daily productivity and sense of accomplishment. By optimizing his mornings, planning, designating focus time, taking breaks, using music to stay engaged, and ending each day on an uplifting note, James transformed his days into satisfying whirlwinds of progress and achievement.

Key Takeaways

  • Kickstart your day with early morning exercise to build energy and focus
  • Strategically plan your schedule the night before to boost productivity
  • Block your peak hours for deep work sessions without distractions
  • Replenish your mental resources with frequent short breaks
  • Use upbeat music playlists to stay engaged during intense focus times
  • Reflect on progress and prepare for the next day before bedtime


To amplify your daily productivity, it is essential to incorporate certain rituals and routines. Waking before others to fit in energizing activity, mapping out priorities the evening beforehand, dedicating uninterrupted hours to challenging projects, remembering to restore mental clarity with breaks, using motivational songs to zone in, and dedicating time to celebrate wins and arrange the next day sets you up for success. Implementing these six habits daily will result in more rewarding, fruitful days where you accomplish your most important goals. With focus, preparation, and self-care, you can make each day a satisfying whirlwind of achievement.