5 Stoic Things You Must Do Every Morning (Must Read): Stoicism

5 Stoic Things You Must Do Every Morning (Must Read): Stoicism

The ancient philosophy of Stoicism has enjoyed a revival as people seek timeless wisdom for leading tranquil, ethical lives amidst modern chaos. By incorporating certain Stoic ideals into one’s early morning routine, we prime ourselves to respond to each day’s unpredictability with equanimity, clear values, and resilience forged through self-mastery. Just a few minutes of practicing these principles first thing daybreak can profoundly impact the trajectory of the following hours.

This article summarizes the vital Stoic-inspired routines worth building into your morning ritual. They set the tone for focused days in alignment with what matters most. Beyond chasing fleeting pleasures or external validation, these techniques reinforce an inward path to eudaimonia — one characterized by justice, practical wisdom in adversity, appreciation for mortality, emotional regulation, and pursuing virtues as their reward. Read on to discover five powerful Stoic morning routines to start living more philosophically from sunrise each new day.

1. Reflect on what matters

Take 5-10 minutes each morning to reflect on what matters in your life. This can mean thinking about your core values meaningful relationships, doing work aligned with your purpose, or leaving a positive legacy. Remember that fame, wealth, pleasure, and other externals are fleeting. Focusing on virtue and wisdom is the path to a good life.

2. Remind yourself you will die someday

Remember that our time here is finite. We will all die and lose everything we have accumulated. Keeping your mortality in your mind helps prioritize what’s essential day-to-day. It realigns your sense of urgency to make each day count. Memento mori – “Remember, you must die.”

3. Focus only on what you can control

Much of our stress comes from attempting to control external events outside our influence. Practice an internal locus of control by focusing your thoughts and efforts only on what is within your power. Let go of the rest. This includes your reputation, successes and failures of others, health diagnoses, traffic, the news, and more.

4. Prepare for challenges and obstacles

Expect you to encounter difficulties, pain, grief, and significant obstacles throughout your day. Mentally rehearse rising to meet these challenges with courage, resilience, and wisdom. The Stoic sage welcomes such trials as opportunities to build character and grit. See life as training for these inevitable tests.

5. Commit to justice and virtue

The Stoics believed the path to eudaimonia (human flourishing) lies in living justly and pursuing virtue for its own sake. Commit to upright conduct, temperate action, practical wisdom, and other virtues each morning. Focus on self-mastery over fleeting pleasure. This builds true happiness and leaves the world better for others.

By incorporating these 5 Stoic routines into your morning, you root your day in what matters most. This grounds you in values beyond the superficial and positions you to respond to life’s turmoil from a place of wisdom.

Emma’s Case Study: From Anxious to Tranquil Mornings

Emma is a 32-year-old marketing manager who struggles with anxious thoughts and stress. She finds herself overwhelmed trying to balance a demanding job, financial pressures, strained relationships, and health issues she can’t control. Emma’s mornings tend to set the tone for chaotic days putting out fires.

Upon learning about Stoic philosophies, Emma experimented with adapting some of the principles into her daily morning routine. She realized chasing career success and perfectionist tendencies took her away from what truly mattered: cultivating serenity, being present with loved ones, and contributing value to society.

Emma set her alarm 30 minutes earlier to have time for Stoic reflection. This mini-ritual of writing in a journal grounds her in core values beyond validation seeking or wealth accumulation. She starts by pondering her mortality, injecting her day with a renewed sense of purpose. Visualizing future hardships builds mental toughness to approach work challenges with level-headed wisdom. External anxieties no longer hijack Emma’s state of mind by focusing only on what she can control.

While still a work in progress, Emma finds incorporating elements of Stoicism first thing in the morning has created a paradigm shift. She now greets daily with an inward sense of tranquility, priority on ethics over emotions, and the resilience needed to navigate whatever comes her way skillfully. Emma’s daily Stoic ritual primes her mindset to respond philosophically rather than getting pulled into stressful thought patterns. She is calmer, more virtuous, and increasingly values-centered.

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize reflection on your core values and life’s purpose every morning
  • Maintain an awareness of mortality to recalibrate daily urgency
  • Direct your mental energy only toward what’s within your control
  • Strengthen resilience by envisioning future adversity
  • Commit to virtuous principles above transient pleasures


Embracing Stoic wisdom as part of one’s daybreak rituals cultivates an unshakable mindset to approach life’s turbulence with steadiness and perspective. By contemplating mortality, we shift from trivial concerns to clarifying our defining principles – our raison d’être. This lends direction to each decision, discernment to foster only meaningful relationships, and the impetus to make our fleeting days here count.

Visualizing future hardships builds resilience should calamity strike our health, wealth, or loved ones. Misfortune is inevitable – though we may control our responses with rational discord, courage, and composure. This mental preparedness prevents unexpected crises from upending our lives.

Restricting mental energy solely to what we can control eliminates wasted emotions on uninfluenced outcomes. Others will have differing opinions of us regardless. Health diagnoses, stock markets, political winds, and more unfold as they may. Why futilely expend mental energy here? Our sphere of influence deserves full attention – herein lies our power.

We cultivate an inner citadel of tranquility by steeling ourselves each morning to life’s emotional turbulence through Stoic techniques. External events need not disturb such stillness. This allows for wise, just, and virtuous thought and action aligned to one’s cherished values, not reactive flailing dictated by circumstance. Serenity perseveres regardless of what any day brings. These time-tested principles stood the test of antiquity – and remain profound rituals to inaugurate modern mornings with perspective, priority, and purpose.