5 Bad Habits To Avoid Doing in the Morning

5 Bad Habits To Avoid Doing in the Morning

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can ruin your whole day before it even starts. Beginning your morning by hitting snooze, skipping breakfast, obsessively checking your phone, rushing around, or dwelling in negativity primes your brain for stress, frustration, and unproductivity. You can transform your mood, mindset, and daily performance by proactively avoiding these unhealthy habits and rituals.

This article will analyze the five most common lousy morning habits sabotaging people’s days and provide expert tips for creating uplifting, focused, and intentful routines instead. With some simple tweaks like preparing things the night before, establishing motivating wake-up cues, consuming energizing foods, and consciously curbing device overuse and pessimism first thing, you can set yourself up for morning greatness.

1. Break the Snooze Button Habit

Slamming the snooze button repeatedly dampens the sleep quality you need to function. The extra 10-15 minutes of lighter snooze sleep tricks your body, preventing that gradual natural waking process. As sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus explains, “Your body begins preparing to wake up almost two hours before that alarm goes off. Hitting snooze messes with your body’s preparation.” The result? Dragging exhaustion, mental grogginess, and physiological confusion.

To break this common habit, place your alarm far enough away that you must get up to turn it off. Or better yet, put it in a separate room so you must be vertical within 60 seconds of its blare. You can even set an upbeat or empowering playlist to auto-start when your alarm goes off, motivating you to sing or dance rather than sleep the day away.

2. Never Skip Breakfast

You’ve heard it forever, but breakfast is truly the most vital meal of the day. After fasting for 6-8 hours overnight, breaking that fast with nourishing foods boosts your blood sugar to energized levels so you can concentrate. Dietitians consider breakfast eaters more productive and mentally focused than skippers. One study even showed breakfast eaters scoring 17-20% higher on cognition tests!

If you’re strapped for time in the morning, simple grabs like Greek yogurt with berries, whole grain toast with peanut butter, or pre-made protein shakes supply the quick fuel you need. Just be sure to consume some combination of lean protein and complex carbs within 90 minutes of rising so your brain and metabolism power up.

3. Curb Early Morning Phone Use

Another notoriously lousy habit is immediately grabbing your phone as your feet hit the floor. Your notifications are carefully engineered to tap into your brain’s desire for social connection. Willpower crumbles quickly. But exposing yourself to this first thing activates your body’s stress responses and drains attentiveness fast.

To curb this impulse, charge your phone outside the bedroom overnight. Note how peaceful it feels to wake up and start moving through sunrise stretches or meditation without input overload. Building in those device-free intervals first thing ultimately boosts your energy and primes your focus for when you do dig into email.

4. Stop Rushing Through It

Is your morning routine always a mad panic? Do you chronically hit snooze and then frantically speed through getting ready? That amount of pressure so early spikes cortisol and anxiety, setting chaotic tones for the whole day.

Rushing around frazzled, you’re also more apt to misplace things, forget essentials, skip meals, and head out the door already frustrated. That’s why mindfulness experts universally encourage slowing down your morning pace. Rise a bit earlier so you have relaxed padding. Prepare backpacks, clothes, or lunch the night before. Sit down and fully enjoy your coffee and breakfast.

5. Cultivate an Intentional Morning Mindset

Just as detrimental as any external morning bad habit is falling into cycles of negative self-talk first thing. Your inner voice probably pipes up immediately with disempowering mental tapes like, “I’m so exhausted…This day is going to be awful…I have too much to do…I’ll never get it all done…”.

Brain science reveals they prime your mind to register more daily disappointments and stresses. Actively counteracting those negative rumination loops with intentional positivity, gratitude, and optimism transforms your reality.

Case Study: Morning Makeover

After struggling for years as a hostage to her toxic alarm clock, Pam decided she deserved better than starting every day cranky, overtired, hungry, and already behind. She identified her worst offenders – snoozing, skipping breakfast, plunging into social media, scrambling around, and dwelling on her overwhelming to-do list.

Over two months of the tryout, she steadily built more positive rituals. Pam set an upbeat playlist as her alarm and charged her phone outside overnight. She prepared quick breakfasts like overnight oats and protein muffins for fast nourishment. She blocked out 20 minutes after eating for meditation, affirmations, and movement before work.

Pam reported feeling less stressed, motivated, and productive within six weeks over her long days. Her small morning habits rippled outward, improving her concentration, workplace performance, and overall life outlook. She became a morning person for the first time!

Key Takeaways

  • Snoozing tricks your body, disrupting natural sleep cycles
  • Breakfast eaters score higher on cognition tests
  • Phone use first thing spikes stress hormones
  • Rushed mornings spike anxiety and forgetfulness
  • Negative self-talk primes disappointment

Avoiding these common pitfalls can transform your morning experience from chaotic and stressful to calm, nourished, inspired, and intentful. The compound benefits your mood, energy, and performance and will astonish you!


A game-changer is waking up clear-headed, inspired, and ready to seize the day. You genuinely control your destiny by consciously avoiding those patterns dragging you down and replacing them with positive rituals aligned with your intentions. Appreciate the immense power you wield in designing your mornings.

This article aimed to illuminate why bad habits like sleeping, skipping food, overusing devices, rushing, and ruminating hold many people back from uplifted, purposeful days. At the same time, it revealed simple substitutes for nourishing your body, focusing your mind, energizing your spirit, and fueling your sense of purpose from the moment you open your eyes.

May this be the day you revolutionize your mornings forever! Start strong by identifying just 1 or 2 unhealthy habits to eliminate. Test drive more positive alternatives over the next few weeks. Feel your days get more accessible, brighter, and lighter. Then lock in those keystone habits with consistent commitment until you’ve built your optimal daily launchpad for greatness!