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Top Four Trading Articles Week: 11/25/17

20 Traps All Traders And Investors Must Avoid by @MarwoodJB Traders are better humans and here is why – optimize your life and performance by @Tradeciety How to Master TradingView in Less than 20 minutes by @Rayner_Teo The two things I consistently find among winning traders by @steenbab

Top Trading Articles: Week 6/3/17

Brett Steenbarger carefully studied who is making money in these markets. Here’s what he found Can Stocks Overcome Internal Weakness? Expiring vs. Long-Term Knowledge Emerging Markets; Testing 2007 breakout level again! The 1% rule explains why a few people end up with most of the rewards

Top Trading Articles: Week 5/20/17

Great analysis of Amazon‘s shares performance and associated investors’ challenges The Secret Ingredient If You Want To Become A Full Time Trader – What Nobody Talks About Four Steps to becoming the best trader you can be Financial advice for My New Son by Morgan Housel    

Top Trading Articles: Week 4/29/17

Tosses grenade, ducks for cover. “The Dividend Growth Myth” Testing Moving Averages On Popular Stocks & ETFs “Risk management based on normality is a loser’s game” – volatility targeting, i.e., cutting profits short. Is the USD Bull Market Over and What That Would Mean for Your Portfolio