10 Habits of Highly Profitable Traders

                      Create asymmetry in your trading by using stop losses. Profitable trading only happens by making more money than you lose. Big losses are the main cause of not being profitable. Eliminate big losses by cutting your loss when proven wrong. Have a great risk/reward … [Read more...]

A Traders 10 Steps form Amateur to Pro

Here are the ten steps that show you have moved from a newbie trader to trading more like a professional: You take you stop losses with little stress or emotional turmoil. This is a sign you are trading with the right position size and accepted losses as part of doing business. You have stopped taking random entries and have shifted to trading only planned entry … [Read more...]

Up Trend Signals Vs Range Bound Signals


There is a big difference between trading up trending markets versus range bound markets. Different signals are profitable in different markets. In up trending markets you can buy high and sell higher profitably, in range bound markets you are rewarded for buying weakness near support and selling near resistance. In up trends a price gap up will begin a new trend of … [Read more...]

5 Books That Give Specific Trading Systems

              There are many trading books that discuss the principles and philosophy of trading, and I have read hundreds of them. Here are five books that discuss actual systematic ways to trade price action. Here you will find specific trading models with potential buy and sell signals. These are great places to start … [Read more...]

10 Signs the Market Is Just Not That Into You

Signs the market is not into you

Once we have a proven system, our system's profitability is not based on our personal ability to trade it. The market environment of trending, range bound, or volatile is what makes our method make money or lose money. Sometimes, we have a perfectly good system and lose money because our method is not viable. A trader should be getting fewer signals in a market that is not … [Read more...]