The 12 Requirements for Profitable Trading

New Trader 101

The right mindset Your have to be able to manage your emotions. You have to have faith in your ability to trade your plan with discipline. You have to do enough homework that you will have faith in your system and your prospects of being profitable. You must manage your stress so you don't make mistakes because of mental wear and tear. The management of … [Read more...]

10 of the Worlds Most Powerful Trading Rules

Trading Habits

1. A winning trading system must either be designed to have a large winning percentage of trades or big wins and small losses. 2. Your trading system must be built on quantifiable facts not opinions. 3. Start with the weekly price chart to establish the long term trend, and then work down through the daily and hourly charts to trade in the direction of that trend. The … [Read more...]

What Rainbows Can Teach Us About Trading

Rainbow in the Markets

  Every Spring,  it rains in Nashville. A lot. This Spring is no different, with torrential rains flooding our neighborhood. It's annoying when it happens, and sometimes, even dangerous. But ultimately, it brings us necessary rain, and almost always gives us something very special: a rainbow. A rainbow is a sign of new beginnings, and of change. It got me thinking … [Read more...]

You Don’t Know Where the Market is Heading!


This is a GUEST POST by Bob Loukas. Follow him  on Twitter here. I’ve been of two minds recently regarding the current Cycle picture in equities. So this week, I focused more attention on finding secondary evidence to support a more definitive position on direction. As I suspected it might, my research provided an almost endless array of contradictory evidence and … [Read more...]

The Life Cycle of the Typical Trader

The Life Cycle of a Trader

This is a GUEST POST from Rolf @Tradeciety. The exciting start Do you remember how you got started in trading? Everything seemed possible, and you were ecstatic about the possibilities that trading offered, but what happened afterwards? This article will help you understand the different phases almost all traders will go through, why they are stuck in the same routine, and … [Read more...]