A Trader’s Thanksgiving

On this thanksgiving day let us be thankful for what we have as traders. Most of the world lives in poverty with out the opportunities we enjoy in capitalist markets. Let us count our blessings.

  1. We live in a country where we can trade.
  2. Entrepreneurs have created stocks and markets for us to trade.
  3. We have had the good fortune to build trading accounts.
  4. We live is a time where we get a vast amount of trading information for free.
  5. Successful traders freely share through facebook, twitter, blogs, and websites in this day and age.
  6. Rich traders like Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, and Willaim O’Neil blazed a way for us to follow to success.
  7. We have discount brokers online to choose from in this day and age for great commission prices traders of old could only dream of.
  8. We can now trade ETFs with ease and leverage, no need for margin, go short with inverse ETFs, no need to trade futures we can trade commodity ETFs.
  9. Fast speed internet allows us to run with the big dogs at the exchanges with almost instant trades executed from anywhere.
  10. Modern day technology allows us to trade from our phones with ease and the push of a few buttons with the right smart phone application.

We truly live in the golden age for traders let us count or blessings:)