Ten Principles for Successful Stock Speculation via IBD

Investors Business Daily has spent many years of in depth research to determine what works and makes money in the stock market. Below is a summary of their research from 1880 to present day. Also a video is included that summarizes these principles.

  1. Buy high and sell higher.
  2. Sell short when a stock has gone down substantially and buy back even lower.
  3. Buy leading stocks near their 52 week highs.
  4. Make buys only when the market is in a confirmed uptrend.
  5. Only buy stocks that are priced at $15 or more, stocks are below $15 for good reasons.
  6. Always buy into  price strength on the way up in price.
  7. Only buy market leaders and only hold them for their runs while they are leaders.
  8. Buying and holding stocks is dangerous over the long term.
  9. Only trade proven, researched, and tested systems.
  10. Buy the stocks that big institutions want to own at correct buy points.

Here is a current watch list for Monster Stocks based on price action. $AAPL $GOOG $CMG $CMG $ISRG