Top Ten Traders on Twitter?

New traders and experienced traders alike both wonder about who they should follow on twitter to help them in their trading. We do not have time to waste looking for the traders that are truly real and helpful. We are in luck, has given everyone that signs up for the site the ability to vote for the most helpful twitter accounts, and according to to their votes I may have found a short cut to the answer.

Here is the list of the ten traders on twitter rated as the best by members. Also blurbs from reviews and summaries of what their account is about.

    #1  @investorslive This is a highly ranked chat room service twitter account that day traders rave about for accuracy in picks.

    #2 @kunalOO Kunal has an interesting style as he doesnt just trade 52 week high breakouts. He finds breakouts and plays in all different types of charts. I notice he does well in bad markets and good markets. Nice guy to boot also , spends a lot of time answering questions -Tencea

    #3 @traderstewie TraderStewie gives out numerous recommendations throughout the week with clear charts indicating patterns, support and resistance levels, relevant moving averages and entry and exit levels. His recommendations are MOSTLY correct and his actual TRADES are conservative, not risking your money with ‘gambles’ and ‘tight stops’. He even updates his stop losses and trades throughout the day. -citytrader

    #4 @Optionradar Joe has a great ability of combining technicals, fundamentals, option order flow, and volatility to give a trader an edge. If you have a question about order flow or the market in general you get an IMMEDIATE answer. -Redman59

    #5 @gtotoy
    1. Openly shares ideas and educates those around him.What he says matters.
    2. An incredible trading record. I don’t know any other trader who is more consistently profitable. In any time frame.
    3. Absolutely no hype or grand standing. So understated you’d never know he runs a premium site. There are 20 different pretenders on Stock Twits selling their services like a used car. He’s not one of them.
    4. A great guy. No BS or attitude. How uncommon is that?
    5. Top three follow on Twitter. Probably top one, actually.

    #6 @tradermarket247 Consistent great trader. He understands the markets and can admit when he makes a mistake. Learned alot from him in a very short time. Will respond to emails and direct messages. My fav trader out of the Young Guns Trading website he’s a member of. If you follow him you can accelerate your learning curve, I know I have! Keep it up buddy!  -Drase

    #7 @Legacy_Trades Good analysis, good trader. He uses mostly fundamentals and has a solid track record -JBiddyTrader

    #8 @urbanryno Ryan simply has a proactive approach to trading and investing. His cost/benefit analysis towards monitoring setups is technically superior than most other traders that I have followed. Moreover, Ryan exhibits a keen awareness of all the stocks that are being traded amongst his peers, and his guidance has given me new insight to monitor the behaviour of certain stocks and options, giving me further confidence to swing setups that I normally would never have done based on his methodology. -Bramsal

    #9 @docking Docking posts very fresh trading alerts and ideas in REAL TIME. Whether it be volume boost or breaking resistance levels, chances are docking has posted them on his twitter stream, before everyone else catches on. Therefore his tweets add alot of value. He’s also a very nice chap, willing to answer all your questions and concerns from stocks to technical analysis to viral youtube videos. In essence docking is like a human trade ideas scanner. A must follow on twitter! -Idrinkchai

    #10 @stevenplace This guy is a must follow for options traders and all the other traders. I read his blog all the time. He brings some of the awesome setups on chartly and some great info about options on twitter. -KaKa

    While all of these accounts may not fit your style of trading, in following all ten of them for awhile I am sure you will end up finding a few gems that may end up being on your “direct to your phone never miss a tweet list.”

    These accounts are a great trading stream to follow, I have a created a twitter list to follow to make this simple: Top Ten Traders on twitter