The Five Faiths Needed for Trading Success


While trading is a game of math, probabilities, charts, and earnings it is also a mind game. Many times a trader’s beliefs will determine their success more than anything else. All traders start out believing it is possible to make money in the markets. Many want to earn their living one day by trading. However it is perseverance, beliefs, and mental determination that will determine who wins and who just quits. Shockingly the majority of millionaire traders lost most of their accounts when they started or they experienced huge draw downs while learning lessons the hard way.

With my own experiences and reading many of their stories here are the five faiths I believe a trader needs to have to win big and make money consistently in the markets.


  1. You must have faith in yourself. You must believe that you can trade as well as anyone else.. This belief arises from doing your homework and staying disciplined in your system. Understanding that it is not you, that it is your system that wins and loses based on market action will keep the negative self talk at bay.
  2. You must have faith in your method. You must study the historical performance of your trading method so you can see how it works on charts. Also it is possible to quantify and back test mechanical trading systems for specific historical  performance in different kinds of markets.
  3. You must have faith in your risk management. You must manage your risk per trade so it brings you to a 0% mathematical probability of ruin. A 1% to 2% of total capital at risk per trade will give almost any system a 0% risk of ruin.
  4. You must have faith that you will win in the long term if you stay on course. Reading the stories of successful traders and how they did it will give you a sense that if they can do it you can to. If trading is something you are passionate about all that separates you from success is time.
  5. You need faith in your stock. It helps in your trading if you trade stocks, commodities, or currencies that you 100% believe in. Traders tend to have no trouble trading a bullish system with $AAPL if they believe it is the greatest company to ever exist and will go to $500 within six months. It is much easier to follow an always in trend reversal system with Gold if you believe it tends to trend strongly one way or the other. Of course you have to follow a defined system and take the signals even if it goes against your opinions but believing in your trading vehicle helps tremendously.