Finally what we have been waiting for a chance to buy this decades Google. Facebook has filed to go public under the ticker symbol $FB. This could kick off a whole new mania, Web 2.0. The expectations for this companies earnings could not be greater due to the  dominance of time spent on the internet ending up on Facebook. Facebook is becoming and internet of its own with the integration of youtube videos, music, messaging, instant messaging, chat, sharing, news feeds, facebook pages, information, games, etc. On Google people search and move on to what they find, on Facebook they stay there and look around on the site itself. In comparison Google looks like a lemonade stand while Facebook looks like a lounge. The possibilities of monetizing are staggering. This is a new form of communication that most people have not even begun to use or understand.

What other stocks can benefit from this Facebook effect?

Zynga $ZYNGA- What’s good for facebook is good for Zynga. Amazingly 12% of facebook’s revenue comes from Zynga. Zynga makes money from the millions of online players of their games that buy virtual goods to use while playing. They buy coins on hanging with friends and things for their farms on farmville. It is a great gig if you can get players to pay up for quicker levels and better games. “Social Gaming” is just in its infancy and Zynga will benefit from the monetizing of this new online world. How many potential customers does Zynga have? 800 million Facebook users, good audience.  In the last two days Zynga broke out of a base to run 45%, the Facebook mania has begun.

Linked In $LNKD- This little facebook brother I believe will someday be in a new sector group with its bigger brother. Currently it is in the “Internet Content” group but these new sites are so much more than a traditional internet site. Linked In like Facebook is a “Social Media Communication” company, it is a Web 2.0 site. Like Twitter, Linked In and Facebook are more a new form of communication like the television was to the radio or telephone not just another dot com. Users communicate in new ways and create and share content instead of looking at site content because there is none it is a platform for users. While Facebook is a heavy weight and Linked In is a light weight in comparison it will benefit by the Facebook wave raising all ships in “Social Media”. Linked in rose 10% in the past two days, not a bad gain to start some Facebook mania.

Apple $AAPL- How do we use Facebook on the go without an iPhone or iPad? As Facebook and Twitter go mobile and expand their importance for communicating who benefits? The sellers of the best mobile internet devices in the world, the industry killing, enemy electronic device destroying, mighty Apple. This is just another reason for Apple to sell more iPhones and iPads as if it needed any more reasons.