Bruce Lee on Stock Trading






If Bruce Lee was a trader I believe this would be his advice:

If you let the market show you the way you will win.

Do not trade your opinions about what the market will do next,  instead always ask the questions:

What is the chart saying? Where is support and resistance?

Is the market trending or range bound? At what price level will I know that it has changed?

Where is all the capital flowing? What keeps going up day after day?

If I enter a trade at what price level will I know I was wrong?

Can I quickly admit I am wrong about a trade and move on to the next one?

Water is so versatile it can be ice in the winter and steam in extreme heat. Traders do well to be a bull in a bull market and a bear in a bear market.

Water can wear through a rock if it is a strong river.  You can win in the markets if you keep trading the right method over and over again.

Water takes the form of whatever you put water into. Traders should trade for the market conditions that they find themselves in.

Water can only be reduced to its core elements hydrogen and oxygen but it can not be truly destroyed. If you only risk 1% per trade your account can experience a draw down in capital but it to can not be destroyed.

Bruce Lee video on Trading the markets: