Where to Find Monster Stocks






When I look for the best stocks to trend trade in the stock market I look at the Monday edition of Investor’s Business Daily. The IBD 50 published in each Monday edition of Investor’s Business Daily is a must have for every serious investor and trader. With this edition we get the top 50 stocks in the stock market based on O’Neil & Companies proprietary ranking system for earnings per share, relative strength and composite ranking. Monster stocks are routinely on this list. The list is not based on opinions but actual performance of the stocks both in fundamentals and price strength.

In my trading I use the fundamentals to find the stocks with the best charts to put on my watch list. To me the fundamentals tell you what to buy and the charts tell you when to buy. The best charts in the market do not hide under rocks they are in the IBD 50 during their huge run ups in price. If you are serious about the stock market do not miss a week reviewing all these stocks and their charts to find your next big winner.

Here are a sampling of the top ten stocks from last week.

#1 $ALXN Alexion Pharma
#2 $LULU Lululemon Athletica
#3  $AAPL Apple Inc.
#4 $ULTA Ulta Salon cos & fra
#5 $KORS Michael Kors Holdings LTD
#6 $LQDT Liquidity Services
#7 $QCOR Questcor Pharma
#8 $SWI Solarwinds Inc.
#9 $PCLN Priceline.com
#10 $INVN Invensense