Ten Suggestions For Online Etiquette for Traders

Ten Suggestions For Online Etiquette for Traders

Ten Suggestions For Online Etiquette for Traders

I have some suggestions for traders on social media that comes from my experience of the past three years. These are a few things that may help you really get the most out of your social media presence and interact the best with other traders.

  1. Either post your trades in real time or don’t brag about them after the fact.

  2. In winning trades it is better to simply state the facts than to brag about how smart you are.

  3. Please skip the material possessions bragging, it makes you look shallow. I know many wealthy traders and they do not brag, they have no desire to.

  4. Trading discussions should not involve personal attacks, they should stay on point about trading.

  5. No one should give unsolicited advice to other traders without knowing someone’s time frame, method, and stop loss, how can you give advice?

  6. If you disagree with everyone in the trading group you are in, why are you in it?

  7. If you want to promote your paid service, newsletter, book, blog, etc. do it in the proper context while adding value when appropriate.

  8. Join into discussions in your trading group or on twitter then you can sell your services to people you know, if you don’t do this you are considered spam. 

  9. All the wealthy traders I know personally are kind, giving, generous, and helpful they have nothing to prove.

  10. If you are trading truly huge positions sizes do not bother to post them, no one will believe you any way. it is better to post percentage of gains.