Here are 5 ways I ride a trend after getting in. Ideally buying a stock that breaks out of a long term range into a new all time high is the best spot for maximum gains. Here are the spots to keep an eye on in an up trend.

  1. First of all look to go long stocks when the general market is in an up trend. You should be looking to buy stocks in a bull market and go short in a bear market. Bull markets will have the short term moving averages over long term moving averages in the indexes. Like the $SPY with the 10 day over the 50 day. 
  2. Hold a stock as long as each day makes a higher high and a higher low.
  3. Hold a stock as long as it holds above a short term moving average like the 5 day ema or the 10 day sma.
  4. Keep holding a long term position as long as it stays above a long term moving average like the 50 day sma.
  5. Hold a stock that has support with a lower trend line.