Making money in the financial markets is not only challenging but just surviving an account blow up is also a win for many new traders. There is one thing that ultimately determines your success in the markets. It is not your stock picking skills, your trend following or even trading a robust method. The dividing line between the winners and the losers in trading and investing is risk management. If you trade all in and risk it all over an over you will eventually blow up your account, and the funny thing is that it will likely be on your ‘can’t miss’ trade that is just way to obvious to everyone and is a crowded trade. Traders that believe have 10 losing trades in a row are impossible will discover it is very possible. Each trade should be large enough to return enough to make it worth your while, but small enough to make it inconsequential to your results in the long term. Trading small not only eliminates the financial risk of account ruin that is ever present in a market environment that is not conducive to your methodology but small risks also keep your logical brain in control of your trading and your emotions on the side lines.Nothing is more painful in my opinion than to build up an account during a great string of wins only to give it back with a string of losses in a different market environment. Small bets and staying out when he market waves get wild is a great formula to avoid big draw downs. You can still win big when you are right by letting a winner run but always lose small when you are wrong. The bet size on each trade will make or break ever trader at some point usually sooner than later.

You want to trade better? Trade smaller. You want less draw downs in capital? Trade smaller.You want to survive? Trade smaller and more carefully.

“At the end of the day, the most important thing is how good are you at risk control.” -Paul Tudor Jones