What Trading is Really All About…..

What Trading is Really All About…..


What Trading is Really All About…..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Trading is Really All About Two Things Right Decisions and Wrong Decisions.

Most people think they’re playing against the market, but the market doesn’t care. You’re really  playing against yourself.”  -Marty Schwartz “Pit Bull

It is not the markets that beat us, we beat ourselves. Successful comes from our ability to follow price action with discipline while managing our risk. Price action and certain environments may beat us in the short term but trading a robust system will be profitable in the long term.

The thing that breaks many new traders is not the market price action it is trading too big. If you trade too big of position sizes you will lose eventually regardless of your trading method the first long string of losses will also be your last.

If you are trading on opinions alone the market will beat you, it is a counter intuitive machine going higher when it should reverse, reversing when it should crash, zigging when everyone is betting on zag. Trading based off historical price action gives you an edge trading your opinion puts you at a disadvantage.

Blaming central banks or fighting central banks interference in the markets will also be a losing game, if you trade the price action you will trade the trending beliefs of the market as a whole, no guessing, no hoping, just following.

We choose our entries, our exits, our watch list, and our position sizes, we are in 100% control of what we do regardless of what the market does. If we are being gamed then we need to see what the gamers do in trading and join them. If we are gamblers and the casino is beating us then it is time to trade like the casino. We can even inverse a losing system to make a winning one. If we want to win there are no excuses for us, we just have to learn what the winners do and join them. All are trading comes down to our own decisions and our ability to make the right ones.