My Ten Trading Teachers

My Ten Trading Teachers

After 300+ trading books and over a decade of trading the stock market and extensive study I have been fortunate enough to have accumulated some nice profits.  I have many things that I have decided on in my trading. I am a discretionary rule based trend follower. I have found that I have a knack for seeing the big  picture and the big trending stocks and I have navigated the market in the past ten years better than most mechanical trend following systems. I am a stock trader who uses weekly stock options to amplify my returns with small out lays of capital and reduced risk and big wins when I am right, I do not trade the more complex option plays I use options to replace stock in most instances. I will use option plays like straddles and strangles on occasions. I am a hybrid and trade my own style which is a composite of key principles I have learned from others: trend following is the school I learned the most from, CAN SLIM taught me what a monster stock looks like, options are my tools for decreasing risk and maximizing leverage.

Many other teachers have played key parts in my development through their books and online presences:

Nicolas Darvas showed me what was possible with a trending stock.

Alexander Elder brought it all together with his 3M’s of money, method and mind management teachings.

Richard Weissman showed me so much on trading with the casino paradigm.

Van Tharp gave me risk management with ‘R’ multiples and his marble game showed me the risk of ruin and the importance of position sizing,.

Dan Zanger gave me the idea for using liquid in-the-money options as replacements for stocks and his chart work is much like my moving average indicators. 

Paul Tudor Jones trader documentary really gave me key insights on how a Market Wizard operates day to day.

Jack Schwager’s Market Wizard books are solid gold trading wisdom right out of the mouths of the legends, there is a reason why they all say the same thing about risk management and trader psychology, it is what makes all the difference!

Michael Covel the linchpin of the trend followers he went up Mount Olympus and brought down the fire for aspiring trend followers. His books belong right next to Jack Schwager’s.

 Ed Seykota the Zen trading master confuses would be traders as he slips them the secrets of what works. 

I have linked through the best places to find these teachers resources for those interested in further growth,