Ten Things I Look For When I Follow Someone on Twitter

Ten Things I Look For When I Follow Someone on Twitter


Ten Things I Look For When I Follow Someone on Twitter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   While twitter can easily become a big waste of time on trivial things I admit. It can also be a powerful tool for instant information, learning, and growth. I generally follow between 40 and 50 people on twitter at any one time and I am very picky about who I follow. My tweet stream is really just a trading stream overall I do not mix very many other things in. When I churn my follows it really has little to do with the person I unfollow, it is just a personal preference. I like to follow accounts that share my principles and philosophy about the markets or are just outstanding at their own method and I can learn from. Following the right people can create a very high value, informative, educational, and entertaining tweet stream that you will enjoy. Here are the ten things I look for when I choose people to  follow.

  1. I like to follow people with similiar market philosophies as I have from the school of Livermore, William O’Neil, Trend Following, Risk Management, and interested in trader psychology. I do not have the interest, energy, or time to try to convert anyone to my type of trading or to argue. I do not share my tweets to convince anyone of anything. I share on twitter to let those that agree with me to know that they are not alone.

  2. I follow great traders regardless of their method so I can learn and continue to learn. I have an open mind to the methods of all profitable traders.

  3. I really like humor on twitter especially when someone tweets out a well timed funny picture with a byline. I love to be entertained and some are really good at it.

  4. I really like the twitter accounts that share great information, blogs, trading tools, charts, real time news flashes, an interesting move they see in some market, etc. It is great to amplify your personal informational band width with a tweet stream.

  5. I love to follow the accounts that are trading what I am trading. It is great to see yourself in the same trade as a trader you respect especially if you entered a trade based on two different methods.

  6. I love inspirational quotes and trading quotes, they are like little nuggets of wisdom.

  7. I like to hear the key levels that others are watching on charts, I really like that it is the same level I am watching.

  8. I like great traders that help and educate their followers. I love learning from the traders I follow.

  9. I like the people I follow to be active enough on twitter tweeting something daily but not too active filling up my tweet stream.

  10. I like to follow the people that keep it clean on twitter with very little vulgarity, emotionalism, threatening, rudeness, or mean spirited tweets.

Thanks to all I follow on twitter for making it such a great site for sharing and learning. Also thanks to all that follow me and read my tweets I appreciate you taking the time to see what I am up to. 🙂