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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           There is only one way to avoid losing trades: Quit trading. If you want to keep trading then you will have many losing trades on your path to profits. Learn to accept them and not emotionally over react to any one losing trade. Here is how I do it:

10 Reasons I Do Not Regret Any Trade

  1. I follow my trading plan so I do what I plan to do.

  2. No single loss is that big in comparison to my account size.

  3. A loss of 1% of total trading capital means that each trade is only one of the next 100.

  4. My entry is based on price action research and is the right decision at the time and the time that I entry based on my research.

  5. I understand that I can not control price action I can only react to it.

  6. My position size was right for the volatility of the underlying asset so my stress is not high.

  7. I do not regret buying break outs or shorting break downs.

  8. I do not regret being a bull in a bull market or a bear in a bear market.

  9. I still have complete confidence in my ability to trade even after losing trades.

  10. I still have complete confidence in my trading method even after losing trades.