10 Good Trades Any Trader Can Make

Here are ten good trades a trader can make with their psychology, risk management, and methodology. We have to trade bad behaviors to good behaviors before we attempt to trade any markets for a profit.

  1. Trade big losses for small losses through the right positions sizing and stop losses.
  2. Trade small wins for big wins through trailing stops and letting a winner run as far as they will go.
  3. Trade your predictions for actual price action, chart reading, and trend following.
  4. Trade big trades for trading the right position size for your account.
  5. Trade asking for advice and tips for your own robust trading method.
  6. Trade opinions about what will make money with proven trading principles.
  7. Trade guessing about what will make money in the markets with backtesting.
  8. Trade arrogance of predictions with the humbleness of knowing that anything can happen.
  9. Trade stubbornness in a losing trade with the flexibility to know when you are wrong.
  10. Trade ignorance for the knowledge that comes from doing homework about what works.