1. Work to build and grow your trading capital to a place where you can trade with meaningful stake.

  2. Learn about all the different kinds of traders there are and choose the type of trader you want to be.

  3. Find out what some of the best books on trading are and then read them.

  4. Study historical price action on charts.

  5. Spend your time back testing trading theories that you think will be profitable. You can learn a lot from seeing actual historical performance of around key indicators.

  6. Find a group of traders to be involved with and ask questions and learn from them.

  7. Find a trading mentor to learn from or pay the right professional. Be sure to add value and respect their time and energy.

  8. Learn the math behind draw downs and the risk of ruin.

  9. Find valuable videos that you can watch about real traders.

  10. Find valuable podcasts you can listen to that will help you to be a better trader.

  11. Follow the right people on social media that can add value to you as a trader.

  12. Learn what is important to your trading success and what is just noise, filter out and ignore the noise.