What Traders Can Control And What They Can’t –>

What Traders Can Control And What They Can’t –>

What Traders Can Control And What They Can’t –>

  1. You can control when you enter and what will cause you to exit but where price goes in the mean time is up to the market itself.

  2. You can decide how big of a position you want to trade but you can’t choose your profit amount that is up to the market.

  3. You can’t decide if you will have a big winning trade but you can choose to prevent yourself from having a big trading loss by choosing the price level that will tell you that you were wrong.

  4. A lot of draw downs can be kept minimal by controlling your total exposure to  portfolio heat through limiting total open positions at one time and being aware of correlating assets.

  5. You can’t control whether it is a bull market or bear market but you can decide if you will be buying dips or selling rips.

  6. You can’t control con-artists in the trading world but you can make sure you do not fall for their scams.

  7. You can choose to do the right homework while the market it closed to be ready to trade it profitably when it is open or you can choose to be unprepared.

  8. You can’t control which way a trade goes but you can choose to ride a winner or cut a losing trade short.

  9. You can choose to trade with your egos and emotions or trade with a plan.

  10. You can’t choose whether your signals are triggered but you can chose if you have the discipline to take them when they are.