10 Bad Habits Successful Traders Have To Stop


Here are ten bad habits that new traders have to stop to become profitable and success traders.

  1. Stop wanting to be right all the time and just settle for being profitable by cutting losses short.

  2. Stop trying to predict the future and just focus on entering robust trading  signals.

  3. Stop taking small profits and open up the possibility of big profits by letting winners run.

  4. Stop trading based on your own fear and greed and trade off the emotions of others.

  5. Stop trying to call tops and bottoms and start trading with the trend in your time frame.

  6. Stop trading so big to lower the emotional impact and stress of each individual trade.

  7. Stop being stubborn to cut losses short and afraid to let winners run.

  8. Work hard when the market is closed to make it simple to execute trades when the market is open.

  9. Stop trading based on your ego and start trading with a plan.

  10. Be patient and wait for th eright pitch and stop swinging at everything thrown over the plate.