How You Know It’s A Good Trade



1. Good trades are generally winners from the very start.

2. Good trades do not take a lot of thinking about; they are triggered through robust entry signals.

3. Good trades aren’t really stressful. With the right position sizing and entry level it should not
cause high stress but instead confidence in your decision.

4. Good trades don’t have to be baby sat and watched for every tick. Good trades can be left alone to work.

5. Good trades are not hard to hold because they are in the direction of the trend for your time frame and get little heat put on them.

6. Good trades hit your price target or trailing stop before your stop loss.

7. Time is on the side of a good trade; the longer you can stay with it the more money you make.

8. Good trades inspire you to stay in them as they become more profitable while bad trades make you want out of them as they lose money.

9. Good trades are psychologically hard to get into because they are generally against the consensus. Bad trades are hard to get out of because you have to admit you are wrong.

10. Good trades make you happy; bad trades make you miserable.