Why the Market Takes Money From Traders

“Don’t ever let them get into your pocket.” – Paul Tudor Jones

Here are the errors we make that cause the market to take our money:

  1. Traders miss a trade setup, then take it late in the move. Chasing a trade is rarely a good decision. Buy right or sit tight.
  2. Traders buy a dip before it really reaches a good risk/reward setup.
  3. Traders buy a dip before there is any sign of a reversal.
  4. Traders wait for the perfect moment and end up with no setups.
  5. Traders hold onto opinions after price action has proven them wrong.
  6. Traders are stopped out of ordinary price action because their stop losses are too close, and their trades aren’t given enough room to breathe.
  7. Traders perpetually short uptrends and buy downtrends, missing the easy money and creating losses.
  8. Those that spend more time trading than studying will have their money taken by traders devoted to learning.
  9. Caring more about personal opinions than price action is the best way to donate money to the market.
  10. Holding onto a losing trade because you don’t want to take the initial loss, is a great way to turn a small loss into a big one.