Screen Stocks Like a Market Guru

Screen Stocks Like a Market Guru

Screen Stocks Like a Market Guru




A new website platform that lets traders see the stocks that would be chosen right now by investment legends based on algorithms that filter for their historical parameters, I’m happy to introduce you to Meet Invest.

Users can now see the stocks that Warren Buffett, Marty Zwieg, Peter Lynch, or William J. O’Neil would be interested in based on historical stock-picking, buy and sell signals.

Founders Maria and Michel Jacquemai have created MeetInvest to give their users a filtering system to make it easier for investors to build a portfolio following their hero’s formulas.

“We want to empower investors by giving them the same toolkits that the professionals have,” says Maria. “The financial world wants to keep this kind of information a secret but we have decided to give it away for free.”

MeetInvest allows registered users to follow their favorite investment guru to get initial stock recommendations, and then alert them through e-mail when stocks move in and out of the parameters of the portfolio system filter.

The website is meant to be a social media outlet for investors and has many functions to connect with other like-minded investors and traders. Additionally, they simplify the stock market and investing process by making the systems easy to understand by writing in everyday language, removing the complex jargon that leaves beginning traders lost and confused.

From the telegraph: “MeetInvest monitors and analyses real-time financial market data on 68,000 stocks worldwide each day, and users can select specific industries or territories – US biotech, for example – and then back-test their chosen algorithms on the platform all the way to January 2000 to see how much money they would have made if they’d placed the suggested trades. Users can opt to receive daily, weekly or monthly updates on which stocks to keep and which ones to offload. To avoid paying high transaction costs, Michel advises changing portfolios monthly.”

Here are some of the legends featured on the site:

William O’Neil

Marty Zwieg

Joel Greenblatt

This is a great website for quickly finding stocks that meet the parameters of your favorite methodology.

Here is a link tot the site–> Meetinvest