The 5 Best Trend Following Books

The 5 Best Trend Following Books

The 5 Best Trend Following BooksHere are 10 trend following principles and 5 trend following books to get you started in the world of reactive technical trend following.

  1. You shall learn from successful trend following fund managers to make big returns int he market.
  2. You shall follow the trend only, and have no guru, opinion, or prediction that you bow down to.
  3. You shall not try to predict the future in vain, but follow the current price trend until the end when it bends.
  4. You shall remember your stop loss to keep your capital safe, you shall know your exit strategy before your enter your trade.
  5. Follow your trend following system all the days that you are trading, so that through discipline you will be profitable.
  6. You shall not give up on a robust trading system because of a short term drawdown.
  7. You shall not change a long term winning system because it has had a few consecutive losing trades.
  8. You shall trade with the principles that have proven to work for successful traders.
  9. You shall keep faith in your trend following methodology  even in range bound markets because a new trend will begin.
  10. You shall not covet fundamentalists valuations, CNBC talking heads, newsletter predictions, search for the Holy Grail of trading, or the false claims of black box systems.

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