Playing the Long Game

Playing the Long Game
Playing the Long Game

As Jeff Bezos built Amazon into the biggest retailer in the world by market cap, his focus was not on the short game of quarterly earnings to please Wall Street, or small challenges and obstacles that arose from day to day operations. His focus was on the long game, conquering the publishing and retail world—the quarterly earnings were just noise. His only goal was to stay the course to get there. Bezos is a great example of not getting caught up in your daily results, but instead focusing on our long term goals, knowing that we will get there eventually if we continue to trade a method that gives us that opportunity. If we just stay in the game with proper risk management, discipline, and taking valid entries and exits, we will eventually win.

  • Relationships are not based on one argument, instead they are based on a commitment to work things out.
  • Warren Buffett doesn’t care about the price of an investment today, rather he focuses on it’s potential price.
  • Your health isn’t based on one meal, but your habits day in and day out create your lifestyle.
  • Losing a battle is not the same as losing the war. You haven’t lost until you have no chance to win.
  • Where you are today doesn’t determine where you will be five years from today. Your decisions everyday for the next five years will determine that.
  • Each trade is just one of the next 100 trades if you manage your risk of mental and financial ruin.

If you are learning and growing, then you are on the right path. Keep going in the right direction until you get to the finish line.