Robert Scoble

Here are four monster stocks that are consuming market share from other companies and systematically pounding their competitors. These are big cap growth stocks that are taking over and consuming other industries, and have the potential for trading with trend using moving average crossover systems.

Facebook– The 2nd most popular website in the world is the platform for connecting friends and family with over a billion users every day. Facebook’s earnings power comes from 57.5 percent of the best targeted advertising in history. Facebook doesn’t create its own content, it lets others do the work. Zuckerberg seems to be just warming up.

Amazon– The world’s biggest retailer by market cap has no stores (until last week), no cashiers, no shoplifting, no lines at the checkout and no store managers, just a platform for selling. Jeff Bezos has already taken the business from book stores and electronic stores and is set to conquer the publishing industry. Amazon is the Wal*Mart slayer.

Netflix– The undisputed market leader in digital streaming still holds a strong +50% of total market share over its competitors. Netflix is consistently stealing eyeballs from traditional television viewers by giving consumers exactly what they want, when they want it. No commercials needed. Give them what they want.

Google– While it remains the #1 website in the world, it’s also an  innovator. Google fiber, self-driving cars, Google glass, and millions dedicated to R&D under their Alphabet umbrella mean that Google is playing for keeps. Although rarely mentioned in streaming audio conversations, Youtube remains the largest music streaming service in the world. Google is everywhere.