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  1. What time frame will you be trading in? This establishes your needed screen time.
  2. What will be your specific entry signals? What price action or technical indicators will get you into a trade?
  3. What will be your specific exit signals after entry? Stop loss, trailing stop, or price target.
  4. How much are you willing to lose per trade?
  5. What risk/reward ratio are you looking for in your trading?
  6. What win percentage do you need to be profitable with your risk/reward ratio?
  7. What are the probabilities of a draw down with your win/loss probabilities and risk per trade?
  8. How many trades a month do you need ideally to hit your annual return goals?
  9. How much will your commission costs for your trading activity level be as a percentage of your account monthly?
  10. Do you have a trading system?
  11. Do you have a complete trading plan?
  12. Can you follow your plan and system with discipline?