The 10 Top Trading Films Ever Made

The 10 Top Trading Films Ever Made
The 10 Top Trading Films Ever Made
Photo credit: Sigfrid Lundberg

Here are the ten top trading films, movies, and documentaries made based on popularity and entertainment value.

  1. “The Trader” Documentary: This documentary gives a rare look inside the world of one of the greatest money managers of our time.
  2. Michael Covel’s Trend Following Film, Broke:  Covel does a great job showing how the economic system failed in 2008 and how trend following trading is a better path than gambling and buy and hold investing.
  3. The Big Short: This is my all-time favorite trading movie. It told the stories of three traders that bet against the housing market bubble and won big.
  4. Wall Street: A tale of all that is wrong with Wall Street insider trading. 
  5. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: This is much better than the original, and tells the story of the comeback of Gordon Gekko.
  6. Trading Places: The classic comedy where commodity traders try to turn a street hustler into a trader. 
  7. Margin Call: I really enjoyed this drama about traders inside an investment bank at the beginning of the 2008 financial meltdown. I wish this movie was longer. 
  8. Floored: This movie did a good job of showing how the trading life can turn your life upside down, or for some people, it can make you fabulously wealthy.
  9. Boiler Room: This movie is about how a boiler room operation works by hawking non-existent stocks and bonds for non-existent companies to enrich the ‘brokers’ peddling these worthless stocks.
  10. The Wolf of Wall Street: This is a raunchy, classless tale of greed based on the writings of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker in penny stocks convicted of market manipulation. This movie may contain more drugs, sex, nudity, and cursing than you see in the other movies, but it’s ultimately a comedy and works as pure entertainment.