25 Good Trading Habits

I asked my Facebook trading group this question:

What is your best trading habit that makes you profitable?

Here are the great answers from the group as they shared their best trading habits:

  1. Cutting losses short.
  2. Letting winners run.
  3. Following my trading rules.
  4. Following my trading plan.
  5. Planning.
  6. Preparation.
  7. Being patient.
  8. Being disciplined.
  9. An exit strategy for taking profits.
  10. Taking my entry and exit signals.
  11. Stop trading when daily loss limit is met.
  12. Being consistent.
  13. Keeping a trading journal.
  14. Don’t watch CNBC for trading ideas.
  15. Focusing on the process not the outcome.
  16. Learning to code.
  17. Setting trade alerts.
  18. Proper position sizing based on stop loss and volatility.
  19. No mind, no ego, attention without thought to the price measurement confluences.
  20. Setting stop losses at entry.
  21. Trailing stop losses for winning trades.
  22. Looking for confluence of signals.
  23. Admitting when a trade is wrong.
  24. Keeping your ego out of your trading.
  25. Trading the trend not opinions or predictions.