Think Like a Warrior

I really enjoyed this book by author Darrin Donnely who runs the website. It was hard to put down, because it told the story of a head football coach that rose to the top of his profession with an NFL team, only to leave in failure and return to coach college football. Many of us are able to relate to the roller coaster ride that he experienced through the peaks and valleys of his career. This was a fun book, because he wrote about legendary coaches from the past. Vince Lombardi, John Wooden, Bear Bryant helped him find his path back to winning in his life and at the game he loved. I found the interactions with the legends fascinating, and the author obviously spent a lot of time researching these legends.

Here are the basics of the lessons from the book on how to ‘Think like a Warrior”:

  1. Only focus on the things that you have total control over, like your effort  and your attitude.
  2. Do what you love for a living and attack it each day with joy and enthusiasm.
  3. Dream big and ignore the naysayers.
  4. Be relentless and never give up on your dreams.
  5. Choose faith over fear.

The book does a great job of bringing these lessons to life in the dialogue between the characters. The lessons delivered can be life changing, and in it you get a sports book, a self help book, and a fictional story all rolled up into one. This was an enjoyable and enlightening read.