Why a Brexit Voter Wants Out of the EU

This is a Guest Post by Andrew Derbyshire he is on twitter @AndrewDerb


So, the UK has left Europe (EU for the time being. Subject to change, since the powers that be have not activated the nuclear device that is the ‘Article 50’..ect..whatever..if they ever do).

I want to put this thought out though.

Before people say “He’s after violins”. I’m not. Trust me, I’m not. Yes, I know what the British had done in the past  “Back in the good ‘ol days and you had such a country”. We are a bit more sophisticated now, than back then.

What I’m after is people to get a perspective outside of the UK and what this means for us. Right now in this moment. I’m not trying to save the world, It’s just a thought.
I won’t demonize any country or any leader, because they’ve got their own problems and issues to deal with. Nor will I demonize anybody of any creed or color, because I don’t care if you’ve got two heads, and you’re from Mars. I would treat you with the same respect as an individual as if I’ve known you all my life.


Nor do I care about the immigration, an I don’t care about the perks we get from the city, and I don’t care about the political stuff ,because quite frankly, as we are seeing, most of them, if not all, couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery, never mind run a country.

The one thing I do care about is this. I care about an individuals choice to make their own decisions, freely. I care about an individual nation being able to pass a law. I care about an individual to speak their mind and be allowed to have a say in shaping their country they live in and choosing the path they take. For the good of all or not, and having a say in that, without having to look over their shoulder all the time, or even having laws rejected because somebody else didn’t approve in a different location or country. Because, that’s *No Violins* what we had.

That’s why, I voted out. Not for the perks, not for the immigration, not because some guy in a suit said so, I took the opportunity to say “For good or for bad, I will not allow someone else who possibly couldn’t give a toss sat in a different country make the decisions for me”

I want anybody who’s reading this to take a moment and think about that point and ask yourself this question. Regardless of who you think you are, or how much money you have, or how many Twitter followers you have, or the house you live in…

“How would I feel if everyday, someone else was making a decision for me, who was in a different country and I had no say in what they did. I only had to do what they say.” How would you feel about that?

Since Britain is getting flamed by Europe at the moment (what’s new?) For American readers, imagine Canada (No disrespect to Canada, I have connections in my family who are happily married with children in Toronto) was making decisions for you and you could do nothing about it and just accept it.

Or this could be any country and it’s your next door neighbor, it makes no difference and you had chance to change that.

How would you feel about that? How would you feel about that as an individual?

..But I’ll let you the reader make call because I can’t do that for you.

So before you pass judgement at what we’ve done consider that question above and which way would you have voted?

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