Rocket Stocks

Matthew Kratter has written a great little book explaining the dynamics of momentum stocks and the best ways to trade and profit from IPOs. This short read gets to the point with no wasted words and can be read in one sitting. He explains the dynamics of supply and demand, market cap, breakouts, and moving averages to quantify some of the dynamics of stocks that double and triple in price in a short time or more. I enjoyed this quick read. The funny thing is that I also had written the outline for a book titled “Rocket Stocks” and I had already written the outline and first chapter. My book was going to be more about longer term stocks that go up for years. This book is about the stocks that rocket up in a short period of time. So there is still room for my book about rocket stocks but now I have to think of a different name now.

Rocket Stocks by Matthew Kratter available for a short time for .99 cents.