My Take On Trading

If you’re too proud of your trade idea it may be a bad one.

If you can’t trade with controlled emotion the position size is probably too big.

If the trade is going to stress you out and mess up the quality of your life it is probably not a good trade.

If you don’t know why your in a trade how do you know when to get out of it?

If you need to hide your trading results from your family then you may have a problem.

Your family should be the reason that you are trading not an interruption when you’re trading.

By the time everyone agrees with your trade you may be on the wrong side of the market.

Don’t start bad trading habits that will cost you money in the long term.

Always try to be a better trader today than you were yesterday.

In trading you have to focus on the long term results not the short term annoyances and frustrations.

Trading is a professional endeavor like any other and you can only get out what you put into it.