Profitable Trading Starts With One Thing

Regardless of whether you are a trend follower, day trader, swing trader, value investor, or growth investor, profitable trading requires one thing to make any trading process work long term. Successful stock market operations require studying the principles that lead to making money, you have to do the work. When you understand the principles of supply and demand, trends, and risk/reward in the stock market then you have to set about building yourself a system for profitable entries and exits. A profitable trader will also write their own trading plan that sets their parameters for action: markets to trade, entry signals, stop losses, trailing stops, price targets and position sizing.

It is commonly thought that 10% of active traders make money consistently in the market. What causes these traders to have a big enough edge to be profitable over the majority that do not make money?

They have the one thing that ties everything together, discipline. The discipline to do the work, write the plan, and follow your own rules consistently. All long term success in most areas of life begin with discipline.