12 Things Traders have to be Thankful for

On this Thanksgiving day there are many things traders and investors have to be thankful for in 2016. Let us stop for a second and count or blessings trading and investing in the 21st century under conditions that would have made stock market operators of the past jealous.

  1. Incredibly low discount broker commissions. You can trade for less than $5 per trade and even lower with per share brokers.
  2. We have access to a liquid option contract market that  did not exist in its current form before 1970.
  3. You can learn a lot about the stock market for free on social media.
  4. Almost any conceivable type of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) you could want is available.
  5. There are thousands of great trading/investing blogs you can read for free online.
  6. The Fed is actively supporting the stock market by their actions.
  7. There are hundreds of high quality trading books on the market, this use to be a very niche market with few books.
  8. You can buy many trading books very cheaply used on Amazon.
  9. There are very affordable trading/investing eCourses online where you can learn quickly what took others years to learn the hard way.
  10. News is instant online.
  11. Trading monitors are very affordable and easy to install if you like that type of thing.
  12. Trades can be executed instantly even from your phone in 2016.

This is not your father’s stock market, it’s yours, welcome to the 21st century.