Maintaining Your Energy as a Trader

After every World Series and Super Bowl game the winners and losers of these games have different levels of energy. It is the same for traders during winning streaks versus losing streaks. Losing money hurts more than making money feels good. Missing trneds hurt, exiting a trade with a small win only to see a potentially big win emerge later can be painful. Do not underestimate the ability to push through pain and losing to get to profitabilty as a trader. Perserverence is one of the most powerful skills of rich traders. The ability to overcome losses, setbacks, and doubt separates the rich traders from those new traders that quit trading early on. Your desire for trading success can overcome any obstacle. Trading is a game and you can learn the rules. 90% of traders lose money so you can fade the majority. You can trade with the trend, manage risk, and stay diciplined in your winning process. This is the formula for profitable trading. Profitable trading is energizing, following your trading process is energizing, believing in your trading methodology will energize you to keep going.