The Top Ten Monopoly Stocks

The Top Ten Monopoly Stocks

The Top Ten Monopoly Stocks

Only 14 stocks have created 20% percent of all stock market wealth since 1924. These are companies that dominated entire industries: communication, automobiles, software, retail, drinks, oil, and consumer products. They owned their niche if not an entire sector. These are the stocks that grew in size, stayed up to date with technology, had a better business model, crushed the competition, and ran their business model with discipline and focus. They also had great people as leaders that kept them on track or got them back on track when they strayed. These were market leading stocks for decades.

Here are my picks for the top 10 monopoly stocks for any watch list:

Communications: Facebook is the leader in social media which is the primary mode of communication in the 21st century. They combine Facebook, Instagram, What’s App and Oculus for a dominant position with a visionary founder and CEO who knows how to win. They have many of the most popular apps in the app store with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and What’s App. They also have the most targeted advertisement in history on their platform.

Consumer discretionary: Apple is the leader with mobile devices, Mac computers, and most importantly the App store with the most popular apps and games, and they are a leader in music with iTunes.

Retail: Amazon is the dominant force in easy and affordable retail for books, electronics, groceries, and everything you could need delivered to your door. They also do billions in Web services and have Amazon television and music. They have crushed brick and mortar retail. They are also the most popular search engine people start with for purchases. Jeff Bezos is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation.

Entertainment: Netflix first knocked out Blockbuster with their mail order rental with no late fees then went after live television itself with their streaming platform and won. More people watch television on demand now than live television. Netflix wins as their model is a subscription model for one low monthly fee and original programming.

Internet: Google is where people start online to find what they are looking for. They are the starting line for the internet itself and never stop creating new businesses and finding ways to monetize the internet itself. They are literally the verb for searching online and know how to monetize.

Manufacturing: The Shopify platform has put industrial creation in the hands of anyone that uses their platform to create products to sale.

Wholesale: Alibaba connects wholesalers around the world with retailers around the world.

Travel: Priceline is the leading platform for travel.

Energy: Tesla with Solar City are the future of energy with battery operated cars and solar energy. Elon Musk is a visionary and leader that comes around one in a lifetime for his relentless pursuit of advancement of technology. He may be the next Bezos.

Financial: PayPal is the go to international payment platform. Before Bitcoin there was PayPal.

Of course this is just a watch list these stocks must still be trend traded using moving averages and only held if they are going up in price. If you can find the right monopoly stock soon enough and trend trade it then it could change your life.