How Brands Use Renewable Energy

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How Brands Are Using Renewable Energy? (Infographic)

In the last few years, something amazing happened. The term “go green” transformed from an idealistic buzz phrase to an inspirational call-to-action, as we saw more and more big name brands getting onboard the renewable energy bandwagon and making tremendous strides towards going 100% green.

Whether they’re cutting down on their carbon footprints to save the planet or doing it for the benefit of their own pockets is open for discussion, but this monumental shift we’re seeing in the thinking paradigms of corporations will have a positive impact on everything, from the economy to the environment, regardless of their motives.

A perfect example of how big companies are changing the world by changing the way they do things is Walmart. They’ve installed a total of 105 megawatts worth of solar panels in people’s houses around the world, as well as on the roofs of 327 of their distribution centers. Walmart promises that by 2025, 50% of their entire energy requirement will come from renewables.

Another extraordinary case in point is the radical transformations undergone by Coca-Cola. This household name in soft drinks has also pledged to use 100% renewable energy by 2020. The company is well on the way of reaching its goals as it deployed 650 hybrid delivery vehicles, cutting its carbon emissions in North America by 30%. Coca-Cola has also developed and installed special energy management devices at its factories and bottling plants.

A future that looked bleak for our planet and its natural resources only a decade ago is starting to look brighter every day with the number of companies turning to renewable energy growing dramatically.

For more inspiring examples of how big companies are doing their part to save the environment have a look at our infographic below.

How Brands Use Renewable Energy