Here are ten trading truths you have to come to terms with and overcome to trade profitably long term.

  1. The markets change, all signals do not work in all markets. What worked in a trending market may not work in a range bound market.
  2. Bear markets and corrections will try to take back a lot of your profits you made during bull markets and up trends through the downtrend and the volatility.
  3. You will wish you had more position size in a winning trade.
  4. You will wish you had less position size in a losing trade.
  5. Price action will look obvious on historical charts but be cloudy on the current chart.
  6. Hindsight will make you believe a good entry was a bad entry when the trade goes against you.
  7. You will blame yourself for losing trades even when you followed your system and plan.
  8. Drawdowns in capital will make you want to quit.
  9. All time highs in trading capital will make you fell smarter than you actually are.
  10. The impulse to trade too big will always be present like an old addiction that you have to fight.