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Here are fourteen common steps on the path to profitable trading.

  1. You start trading with a lack of knowledge, not even knowing the right questions to ask. Your trades and results are random.
  2. You lose money and learn that every trade is not going to be profitable.
  3. You try to follow gurus thinking they can predict the future but learn that they do not have a crystal ball.
  4. You lose more money but start to learn that trading isn’t as easy as you though it would be.
  5. You start to educate yourself through quality trading books and courses.
  6. You have a little success and start to think you know something. You are confident before you are competent.
  7. Losses after you think you know something educate you.
  8. You start to learn you better trade your own plan and system and avoid being swept away with the herd.
  9. Your losses become smaller and smaller and your winning percentage and the size of your wins gets bigger.
  10. You learn trading is not about expectations, predictions, and opinions but about a positive expectancy system.
  11. You start getting to almost break even in your trading.
  12. You begin to learn that the majority of trading comes down to your own psychology and self discipline.
  13. Everything starts to make sense and fit together.
  14. You start to make money consistency over the long term.