#1 Mindset Hack To Control Your Emotions In The Market

#1 Mindset Hack To Control Your Emotions In The Market

This is a Guest Post by AK of Fallible

AK has been an analyst at long/short equity investment firms, global macro funds, and corporate economics departments. He co-founded Macro Ops and is the host of Fallible.

AK speaks with Tyler of Macro Ops all about trading psychology. We cover everything from stoicism, to mindset shifts, and other hacks to help you control your emotions in these crazy markets. Make sure you watch the video above for the full conversation!

One of the best things about trading is how much it relates to life. Once you control your emotions in the market, you’ll be able to carry that over into every other aspect of your life. The market is just a heightened training facility that is there to test your emotions. Win in the market, and win in life as well.

A great philosophy to adopt is stoicism. From Wikipedia: “Stoicism teaches the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions; the philosophy holds that becoming a clear and unbiased thinker allows one to understand the universal reason (logos).”

Sounds like a pretty useful philosophy to apply to markets doesn’t it?

Another great tool is meditation. Meditation teaches you how to experience an emotion or thought and then let it go. The thing with emotions is that you’re always going to feel them. This is especially true in the market. So you need to develop the ability to not react to those emotions. Drawdowns can get really rough. They’re scary. And when those emotions creep up, you’ll be tempted to break your trading plan. You need a plan to deal with those emotions when they occur. Meditation will help you do that.

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