Who is Winning? HBO Versus Netflix

Who is Winning? HBO Versus Netflix
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In this video we’re going to talk all about why HBO needs to become more like Netflix to survive.

Back in July everyone was shocked by the amount of Emmy nominations Netflix received. They got 112 versus HBO’s 108. They finally beat HBO! And that’s no easy feat considering HBO had been the king of Emmy nominations for the last 17 years. And it’s also surprising considering Netflix has only been creating original content for 5 years. HBO on the other hand has been at it for 20.

During this time, AT&T was also in the process of merging with Time Warner, who is the parent company of HBO. And with that merger came a new HBO boss. The entering corporate guy had one thing to say — HBO needs to be more like Netflix. More spending, more shows, more hours that people can watch.

This concerned me. The last thing I wanted was HBO spewing out garbage content like Netflix does. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix has some awesome shows. But it has a lot of terrible ones too. Way more bad than good. And it just comes down to a different strategy. Where HBO was more into curation and choosing the best shows, Netflix took the spray and pray approach.

But Matthew Ball’s on Twitter nicely explained why HBO does need to change their approach. (You can read his thread here: https://bit.ly/2NfUlDk)

To learn more, make sure you watch the video above!

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