After being asked several times what the best order to read my books in I decided to write this post as a go to place to direct people interested in learning about trading by reading my books through in order to best serve them in their journey. 

  1. Investing Habits is the book to read if you just want to learn the basics of the stock market and investing to be able to participate in wealth creation through building up your own account through a taxable brokerage account or a 401K, 403B, or an IRA. I wrote this book for my friends and family who were interested in getting started in the stock market. 
  2. The Working Dead is a book on how to achieve financial freedom by creating enough wealth and/or cash flowing assets to live on and no longer need to depend on a paycheck as an employee. The goal this book discusses is to become financially free from a job, a boss, and a company.  This book shows the financial steps needed to achieve this goal. 
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Stock Trading This book gives an overview of all the different types of trading and what it takes to be profitable and disciplined.
  4. Complete Guide to Price Action Trading Learn how to manage trades from entries to exits optimizing position sizing and market psychology. A step by step guide to using price action to trade using reactive technical analysis to create good risk/reward ratios and manage trades as they play out in real time.
  5. New Trader 101 gives new traders a short cut to the principles needed for successful trading. 
  6. Buy Signals, Sell Signals introduces the trader to reactive technical analysis using signals for trading in place of opinions, predictions, and emotions. 
  7. New Trader, Rich Trader explains the difference between new traders and rich traders in their trading principles in a narrative story.
  8. New Trader, Rich Trader 2 explains the difference between good trades and bad trades by explaining how to manage trades properly. This book explains the principles in a narrative sequel to the first book. 
  9. The Ultimate Trading Risk Managment Guide explains stop losses, proper position sizing, and avoiding the risk of ruin along with diversification in signals and your watchlist. 
  10. The Ultimate Guide to Technical Analysis A guide through technical price action and technical indicators to see which ones will work best for your own trading.
  11. The Ultimate Guide to Swing Trading A complete step by step guide for becoming a swing trader from watchlist to risk management and trading strategies with an edge. 
  12. Moving Averages 101 introduces the trader to using moving averages as signals for managing trades for discretionary trading. 
  13. The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns shows traders how to create good risk/reward ratios with entries and exits by using candlestick chart patterns. This is like a candlestick pattern cheat sheet to see the interaction of buyers and sellers on charts. 
  14. The Ultimate Guide to Chart Patterns shows traders the visual clues that buyers and sellers leave on charts. This books shows traders how to create good risk/reward ratios by entering trades in the path of least resistance. 
  15. Trading Habits explains 39 of the most powerful rules for trading the stock market.
  16. Calm Trader shows the reader how to trade the markets without losing their mind by managing their mind, emotions, ego and expectations. 
  17. The Most Helpful Traders On Twitter gives the reader lessons from some of the best traders that share their methods and strategies online. 
  18. 5 Moving Average Signals that Beat Buy and Hold shows examples of five moving average systems for trend trading the $SPY exchange traded fund that out performs just buy and hoping. 
  19. Trading Tech Booms and Busts shows examples of seven moving average systems for trend trading the $QQQ exchange traded fund that out performs just buy and hoping. 
  20. 50 Moving Average Signals That Beat Buy and Hold gives thorough quantified data for 50 moving average signals across diversified exchange traded funds over the past 17 plus years and multiple market environments that create profitable trading through multiple market environments. 
  21. Options 101 is a short cut to learning the basics of trading option contracts to shorten the learning curve and lower the risk when beginning.