Should You Buy the Lyft Stock IPO?

Should You Buy the Lyft Stock IPO?

Guest Post by @AKFallible

Stock Marker Crash Because of Lyft IPO? Should You Buy Lyft Stock IPO?

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Some thoughts on Silicon Valley’s endgame. We have long said the biggest risk to the bull market is an Uber IPO. That is now upon us.

In 2015, venture capitalist Bill Gurley predicted “dead unicorns” and that all these private valuations are “fake.” Now he has reconsidered his view, “You have to adjust to the reality and play the game on the field.” There are no more disbelievers, except @chamath.

The value of the Nasdaq grew from around 1,000 points in 1995 to more than 5,000 in 2000 at the bubble peak, which mirrors the extreme jump in US unicorn valuations from $100 billion to about $500 billion in the past five years.

China is now home to 168 unicorns, worth a total $628 billion. It now takes just four years, on average, in China for a new company to achieve unicorn status compared to seven years in the US. In fact, nearly half of the Chinese unicorns became so just two years after launch.

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