The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

Financial independence is a state in which an individual or household has sufficient wealth to live on without having to depend on income from some form of employment.

Many people can not grasp financial independence from a job. There are other ways to make a living besides employment with a job. While it is a necessity to have a job to pay bills for most people it does not have to be a permanent situation. Jobs are great tools for getting the money to pay necessary bills but do not have to be a way of life forever. All jobs in the private sector come from businesses and there is another side of the table an employee can eventually move to. You can be an investor and buy the stock of publicly traded companies to benefit from the earnings that employees work so hard to achieve. You can also trade stocks to benefit from the price action of trends. You can also start your own business and benefit from your own labor and even from the work of employees. You can create your own job through self employment where you remove yourself from the corporate pyramid scheme and your new boss becomes your customers. Employee is not the only path just one of several ways to make a living. When you transition to trader, investor, self employed, business owner, author, or real estate investor you are still working but you are working for yourself and cutting out the middle man of a boss and a company.

Money is not random in nature it has principles and rules for where it ends up. No matter where you start out in life from a financial standpoint there are things you can do to create cash flow in your direction. Money flows from people that do not know how to manage it to people that do. Money seeks returns on capital through investments in stocks, businesses, bonds, and people. Here are 40 of the most powerful rules to earn more, keep more of what your earn, and put the money to work for you instead of you working for money your entire life.

40 of the World’s Most Powerful Money Rules

Your Financial Future
1. What are your financial goals? You have to plan your future.
2. Look for a mission in life not a job.
3. Your spouse is your lifetime financial partner. Choose wisely.
4. Work for personal growth not for just money.
5. You get paid on the value you create not what you think you are worth.
6. Your net worth is the difference between your income and your spending.
7. You need a budget or self-control.
8. What is your time and energy worth? Only work jobs that are worth the pay.
9. Buy things that you value the most, do not buy for appearances to impress other people.
10. Do you enjoy the way you earn a living? If not you are in the wrong job.

Low Stress Finances
11. Your standard of living should reflect your earnings power not your desires.
12. Save enough money for Murphy’s law.
13. Use other’s people money to buy assets not liabilities.
14. The Power of ‘F@ck You Money’. Always be able to quit and seek other opportunities.
15. Save 10% of your gross income.
16. Put your money to work.
17. Money flows from those who can’t manage it to those who can.
18. Do not put money in things you do not fully understand.
19. The fastest way to go broke is to try to get rich quick.
20. Insurance is financial defense.

Building Wealth
21. Pay yourself before anyone else.
22. The 100% return most employees are missing: 401K matches.
23. The hidden expense of taxes. Optimize for tax liability.
24. High income is not the same as wealth.
25. Looking rich is no the same as being rich.
26. What creates wealth? Creating value for others or partnering with those who do.
27. The stock market is a wealth builder.
28. Home ownership can be a wealth builder.
29. Always consider the risk and the reward in any endeavor.
30. Invest in your knowledge and skills through education in whatever form that takes for your goals.
31. Know your net worth.

Financial Freedom
32. Fire your boss if you hate your job. There are other jobs and ways to make money.
33. You can’t ‘take it with you’ but you can enjoy freedom now when you have enough money.
34. Build a business versus having a job.
35. Plan for retirement as early as possible.
36. There are other ways to make money besides a job.
37. When cash flowing assets are greater than bills you are free.
38. If I didn’t have a job what would you do? Whatever you wanted.
39. Use capital to buy your time back.
40. The greatest luxury item is financial freedom.

Financial freedom happens the day that you have enough money to walk away from your job and do whatever you want. You don’t need enough money to do nothing, you just need enough money to do whatever you want.