Always Look At Your Systems Losing Trades

Always Look At Your Systems Losing Trades

This is a Video Guest Post by Ivan @ Retail Investing & Trading

Most of us, if not everyone gets in trading wanting to make more money one way or another.

Why am I saying that looking for losers is important ?

Well, when you are developing as a trader it is very normal that the only thing you are looking for in trading are winners and how to grow that trading account as quickly as possible.

That is okay. However, do not rush the process, because when you do focus only on winners while developing your strategy, you might miss a lot of losing trades that the strategy you are developing/testing is producing.

At the end of our testing period, the strategy you tested might yield crazy good results, but in reality because you missed a lot of losing trades, the strategy might turn out to be unprofitable overall.

That is why I recorded a video for you so that you can understand what I mean and why is this so important.

Enjoy the video.

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Ivan Rendulic