Below is a list of the top entrepreneur movies of all time that really capture the risk takers, the mindset, and the possibilities of those that try to create their own business and do their own thing. These are the crazy people that create the businesses that create the jobs, products, and investments that improve the world. 

  1. The Founder: How opportunist Ray Kroc took the McDonalds brothers’ burger stand and fast food system into one of the most successful franchise and real estate businesses in history. 
  2. The Social Network: The story of how Mark Zuckerberg turned a website in his dorm room into one of the biggest and fastest website success stories in history. 
  3. Pirates of Silicon Valley: The story of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. 
  4. Jobs: Aston Kushner shows the beginings of Steve Jobs. 
  5. Steve Jobs: This movie takes the viewer behind the scenes for all the Apple and Next product launches. 
  6. Jerry McGuire: The story about taking the leap and quitting to do your own thing. 
  7. Money Ball: A movie about how to quantify success through math. A great way to think about any business endeavor. 
  8. Baby Boom: The journey of one woman who goes from executive to unemployed single mom then creates her own baby food company. 
  9. Joy: A single mom turns her idea for a revolutionary mop into a business that makes her a millionaire. 
  10. Office Space: A movie that can inspire entrepreneurs to leave jobs they do not like in pursuit of doing something different with their life. 

These movies are great stories in themselves but also great motivation for those looking to take the leap from employee to business owner and entrepreneur.